What Is Facebook Pixel? And Why Does It Matter in Marketing?

by | Jul 24, 2020 | Uncategorized

Categorical Segmentation

The beauty of Facebook’s ad platform is that you can reach audiences who have an active interest in the things you are offering. By creating the right ads, you can bring more visitors to your site.

Of course, just because you bring a visitor to your site does not mean that they will purchase your products or services. This is why it is so vital to run retargeting campaigns to bring people back to your website after they browse through Facebook.

One of the best ways readers can find topics that interest them is if you create categories for your blog or website. When you create categories, you get access to Custom Audiences, which helps to deliver the right messages about your products to specific groups.

With Pixel, you can build custom audiences based on your blog categories by simply creating lists of those who visit your site and view specific pages. Once you are ready, you can use this information to build campaigns centered around those groups.

Retargeting Non-Signers

People landing on opt-in pages without leaving data behind is a tale of old for digital marketers. For those consumers, nothing works better than and old-school push to get them to join.

With Pixel, you can create retargeting campaigns that give non-signers a sense of urgency. When you add a sense of urgency to your adds, consumers tend to suspend deliberate judgment in order to act quickly.

The same thing works with the idea of scarcity. Consumers tend to value things more when the quantity is lower. The principle of scarcity can be used in Pixel ads to create an understanding for your consumers as to what they are missing out on.

Back-End Offers

Building Custom Audiences with Facebook Pixel is incredibly easy.

When prospective customers sign up, they insert themselves into a custom audience. Here you can provide them with offers on the front-end. Once they become your customers or clients, you can provide them with up-sells. After they purchase an up-sell, you can further provide them with offers on the back-end.

The beauty of Facebook Pixel is the ease of set up for a dynamic Custom Audience building system. After any goal, you simply define a Custom Audience with a confirmation page or a thank-you page. You can create one for prospective customers, customers who required demos, and clients.

With a small Pixel retargeting investment, you’ll be able to push out around 10% more prospects or clients.

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