Increasing Engagement With Facebook Canvas Ads

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Understanding Facebook Canvas Ads

Why would someone use Facebook Canvas Ads instead of another type of ad?

When it comes down to it, Facebook Canvas Ads don’t set a limit on the types of ads you can create and where you can advertise. Here are a few of the top benefits you can reign in from Facebook Canvas Ads:

1. Intuitive Design

While we all can create a gorgeous user experience through ads, not all businesses have a dedicated marketing team, let alone the cash to outsource, to get the job done. Luckily, Facebook has your back. They have come up with several intuitive templates to get you to set up your ads with ease.

2. Immediate Delivery

One thing we love about Facebook Canvas Ads is that the ads are immediate. You can begin sending out advertisements and telling your brand story immediately thanks to the instantaneous loading times and mobile-optimized designs.

3. Storytelling

Facebook Canvas allows users to craft multimedia ad stories. Mix it up with text, images, CTA buttons, videos, and more! Your story is then presented to consumers as a full-screen experience.

How To Create A Facebook Canvas Ad

While the Facebook Canvas Ad process is relatively intuitive, as we suggested before, Facebook does have a guide available for those who need a bit of help getting through the process.

However, here is a little step-by-step to get you through the process:

  • Click Ads Manager, then “ads,” then “create.”

  • Next, choose your Instant Experience objective and create a name for your campaign.

  • Fill in all of your essential details for your campaign, including schedule, budget, audience, etc. Then click “continue.”

  • Select your ad format once you have considered your goals. You can choose between a single image, a single video, a carousel, a collection, or slideshow. Of course, you want to select Canvas in this instance.

  • Click “Add an Instant Experience” then “Build a Custom Instant Experience,”

  • Give your Canvas Ads a name and click “save.”

  • Once you have previewed your Instant Experience, click “Finish.”

Voila! You have completed your Instant Experience and put it in front of your preferred audience!

We believe that Instant Experiences, or Facebook Canvas Ads, are excellent for those looking to appeal to the mobile generation. While creating a mobile campaign with Facebook Canvas Ads is reasonably straightforward, it may require more time than you have. If so, make sure to get in touch with us at Gold Level Marketing.

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