Top 3 Best Practices For Website Personalization Strategy

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1. Find Your Buyer Persona

A buyer persona is an account of your best customers. Buyer personas help in identifying your audience’s interests, challenges, and demographic information. When you nail these things down, your marketing effectiveness increases.

Personalization is a tool that should be used to create valuable content for your personas. For example, let’s say that your website sells computers. The two buyer personas for your website might be professionals and students.

Professionals might be looking for a modern computer with all of the top features while a student might be looking for something simple, functional, and affordable, to help them get their work done.

In this case, you will want to create personalization for both of these personas. To do so, you could promote special offers that are dedicated to each of these persona needs specifically. When you personalize to your personas, they feel valued, which creates better business.

2. K.I.S.S
Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Some websites simply have too much going on. The last thing you want as a visitor is to be attacked by recommendations, content offers, and everything else.

While these features can be helpful, they can be overwhelming for customers when they are thrown up at once. You want to pick one or two of these elements that will work best with your company’s personas to avoid having a busy website.

Consider your favorite streaming service, such as Netflix. The recommendation and personalization tools are separated and organized into easy-to-read and relevant categories. Your recommendations at home might read “Top Picks For You” or “Comedy Horror”.

These types of recommendations are simple and defined. Use them as examples.

3. Have Quality Data

The personalization of your website is powered with data. Of course, that data must be accurate if you want it to be impactful. When creating forms, you want to add fields that provide accurate website personalization strategy information.

This is why we recommend using Chatbots. Chatbots can provide users with answers to frequently asked questions.

Once chatbot data is in your system, you will have the information you need to create more accurate personalization options. Many website owners are unsure about the interests of their audience. Unfortunately, these same website owners don’t know what types of strategies to implement as well.

Having accurate data can help you to automatically nurture your audience as they continue through the buying journey. Plus, you’ll be able to store away any relevant customer insights so that you can help them later down the line.

In conclusion, look to Gold Level Media to help you with your website personalization strategy today!

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