Top Unique Ways To Market On Instagram

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Use The Countdown Feature On Stories

The Countdown feature on Stories allows you to set a future date and time and have the sticker countdown for you. While it may seem mundane, there are plenty of unique ways to use the Countdown feature, such as:

Counting down to a new project release

Using the countdown before an Instagram live video

Counting down to a new teaser or IG announcement
The Countdown stickers fall under the umbrella trend of “interactive story elements”, which have become massively successful tools for brands and businesses.

Create A Custom AR Filter

For those of you who are not familiar with what AR Filters are, “AR” stands for “Augmented Reality”.

AR Filters can be used to create exciting masks or layers for whatever is on camera. One famous filter that we see often is the little dog nose and ears that you can stick on your face!

The cool thing is, brands now have the ability to create their own stickers!

Of course, it does take a bit of time and effort to create one of these things, though luckily the team over at Instagram has laid out some intuitive tools to get you through the process. Make sure to check out the Spark AR Website for more information.

There are many brands that have used these AR features with incredible success, including:

  • Adidas – Used AR Filters to turn the screen into VHS footage for a promotional release of vintage shoes

  • Kylie Cosmetics – Used AR Filters for people to “try on” her different lipstick shades.

  • NBA – Used AR Filters to add a player dunking into your created video!

Utilize Branded Content

One of the newest functionalities on Instagram is Branded Content. Businesses now have the ability to take content that is posted by influencers they are working with and add it to their personal admix.

For example, if your business sells sunglasses and Johnny Deep posts about your sunglasses on his Instagram, you could throw some advertising dollars behind that post to give it a wider reach


There are plenty of unique ways to use Instagram and take advantage of the many cool features that the platform has to offer.

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