The Top 5 Most Crucial Aspects Of A Web Design

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In order for your website to meet the needs of each visitor, there are five elements of web design that you need to nail.

A well-designed website can drive traffic to your business, drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, connect with new customers, and convert new leads online to drive conversions.

In this guide, we are going to take you through these five elements and how you can implement them into your existing website.

Web Design

When it comes to website design, you don’t need to over-complicate things. There are so many website designers out there that pour their hearts and souls into crafting artful websites that you can easily find on display in a prominent museum.

That is also one of the reasons that website design can be so egregiously expensive.

A great modern website only needs to be clean, simple, beautiful, and minimal. The overall design should convey a clear and compelling message. In addition, the website should showcase exactly what your company does.

User Experience

One of the most neglected and overlooked aspects of web design is user experience.

Internet users are in a constant state of information bombardment. In 2022, the average attention span is just 8 seconds, meaning you don’t have much time to sell your products or services.

If you can’t create a memorable user experience for your visitors, they likely won’t return.

Stay away from gimmicks like notifications and pop-ups, and instead, put your user first.

Consider what you might like to see if you were in their shoes.


The content is the meat of your website.

You want content that inspires and moves people, making them feel a certain way.

Each piece of content should tell a story, whether you’re using images, videos, or text.

There are so many excellent websites out there that use high-quality design and elevate user experiences, though fall flat when it comes to creating engaging content.

Crafting content is an art, and it is something that you should prioritize when developing your website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Over the past decade, SEO has evolved quite a bit.

Google alone is in a constant state of evolution, and the algorithms the search engine uses go hand-in-hand with user experience. Writers can’t simply stuff their content with keywords to funnel visitors to their website.

How visitors navigate your website is more important to Google nowadays. The search engine looks at metrics like time spent on the page and bounce rate, meaning you have to have excellent content if you want people to stick around.

Web Security

Just about every week, it seems like we see headlines talking about major website security hacks. Now more than ever, it’s important to make sure your website is secure.

This is especially true if you are selling products and services through your website.

Eventually, Google will begin penalizing websites without properly Integrated Security features.

HackerNoon has an excellent list of features you can install on your website to make it as secure as possible.

Final Thoughts – Top-Tier Website Design from GLM

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