What’s The Impression Of A Landing Page Vs. A Multipage Site

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Determining whether to use a landing page or a multi-page site can bring up a lot of questions.


How can you know which of these site types is right for you?


In essence, it comes down to the goals of your page. The purpose of your page will determine whether a landing page or multi-page site is right for your needs.


We often like to think of a full website as the first impression for your visitors, while the landing page is simply a preview of their first impressions. Think of it as a friendly nod or a handshake. With a landing page, visitors are just scratching the surface of what’s to come.


Let’s dive in and determine what the best situation is for using these different page types.



When You Might Consider Using a Landing Page


When most people think of landing pages, they think of pages with the goal of placing all of the most valuable information a visitor would need on a single page.


However, that is simply not the case.


In our eyes, a landing page should be used when you want to drive traffic to a specific promotion. You won’t often find any navigation buttons on a landing page either, as well as links that you might find on a traditional website.


This is because you don’t want your landing page to overwhelm any of your viewers or visitors, making it harder for them to get to the call to action.


As a result, when you think of building a landing page, you want to limit your content. Think of utilizing a single keyword focus or toning down the imagery. Your landing page should hit the point as quickly as possible so you can receive the traction you’re looking for.


When You Might Consider Using a Multi-Page Site



A multi-page site should act as your first impression.


You want your website to provide your visitors with an overview of what your business provides. In doing so, it should build trust with both first-time visitors and loyal customers.


There are a few crucial pages you should have on your multi-page site:


  • Home page

  • About page

  • Contact page

  • General services pages

  • Privacy policy page

  • FAQ page

The pages you choose to add or omit will depend on the overall goals of your business. Understanding your goals before you dive in will help you determine which is the right style page for you.


Unlike a single landing page, each page on a multi-page site can focus on particular keywords. Let’s say you have a lawn mowing company in Phoenix. Each page on the nav pane can utilize a specific keyword, focusing on the particular aspects of that business, including costs, recurring lawn work, residential vs. commercial services, or FAQ.


Every one of these pages and the keywords present on those pages would feed into the main keyword, “lawn mowing.”


The Importance Of Great Web Design



Remember that your website is one of your brand’s most important aspects. It is the place where you will nurture your leads through the funnel so they turn into paying customers.


This means that you can’t afford to fail in any aspect of your website, and choosing the right page is one of the most important aspects.


When you’re designing your website, it is crucial to keep your audience in mind. This means sticking to the right brand imaging, making your website accessible, making the navigation intuitive, and more.



Final Thoughts


As you can see, there are different reasons why you might choose to use a landing page or a multi-page site in your digital marketing strategy.


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