Facebook Closes The Door On Analytics – What Does This Mean For Marketers?

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Why Is Facebook Getting Rid Of Analytics?

Facebook launched its Analytics tool back in 2018 to compete with alternative platforms like Google Analytics. Beyond the fact that Facebook Analytics users could track all of their marketing data in a single page, users could also use this tool to track pixels on their websites, seeing how customer journeys took place and how consumers behaved once they reached their website. With Facebook Analytics, you could see the details of your Facebook page, such as your audience demographics, to make more informed decisions about your marketing strategies. Facebook decided to get rid of its Analytics tool, as most of this information can now be found on other tools, such as Facebook Business Suite, Facebook Insights, and Facebook Ads Manager. That goes without mentioning the alternative tools from other companies as well. Due to the current shift towards data privacy, we believe this is Facebook’s attempt to prevent data concerns in the future.

What Marketers Can Do

Brands still have the ability to access their Analytics until June 30, so we would recommend downloading all of the data you need now. Marketers might also choose to highlight similar data with alternative tools, which we will discuss below.

Facebook Business Suite

Facebook Business Suite is the new tool that Facebook is encouraging its users to switch over to. With this tool, you can connect and track data for several Instagram and Facebook business pages simultaneously. Facebook Business Suite is still in the rollout process, meaning some admins might not have it available yet. Until then, you might choose to use some of the other tools below.

The analytics dashboard known as Facebook Insights is great for viewing and tracking customer behavior. See data such as page views, competitor page data, and post reach. You’ve likely already used Facebook Insights to gather data before if you have a Facebook business page. Facebook is now saying that Insights will not be impacted after the removal of Analytics.

Google Analytics

Many view Google Analytics as a high-end tool. There are plenty of marketers around the world who will tell you that Google Analytics has helped them change and transform their marketing strategies. You will likely need to go through some onboarding to get you and your team used to Google Analytics, though once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to see visitor behavior, visitor demographics, and a variety of other important insights.

Final Thoughts

Streamlined technology and privacy are the focus nowadays. Just because Facebook is making a major change does not mean you need to let it negatively impact your marketing strategy. As always, make sure to sign up for our subscription newsletter by entering your information in the box above!

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