Top 5 Ways To Showcase Your Value On Social Media

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Uncategorized

Tell Your Company’s Story

Whether your brand is just starting out or has a long history, you likely have a story to tell. Showcasing your company by telling a story is quite impressive to a lot of consumers.

Show consumers who you are and highlight the values most important to you. Speak of your brand’s struggles and triumphs to better relate to your customers. If you’re a large business with social responsibility programs in place, make sure to showcase them.

Utilize Visual Content

Compared to Tweets without photos, Tweets it photos receive 89% more likes. The old saying is that a picture is worth 1,000 words. Visuals provide a unique way for customers to relate to a business.

Using interesting photos and 60-second clips can give customers better insight into your business.

Do More Than Share Blog Post Titles

If you choose to share information from your blog, be creative about it. Don’t simply share the titles on your social media and hope that it will funnel people to your website.

Share relevant statistics, quotes, facts, or questions. Create a potential desire for social media users to continue through to your website. Be conversational and strike interest in people.

Share The Lifestyle of Your Company Do you have a fresh or innovative workspace? 

If so, consider sharing your work place with your social media followers. On LinkedIn, onboarding images have become very popular. Photos of desks and bright, modern office spaces entice young, potential employees.

These types of lifestyle images are made to inspire and end up receiving a ton of likes and shares. Plus, when you share your lifestyle, you show pride in your company.

If your company has activities that go on outside of work, make sure to document and share those too. Charity events or sporting events are perfect for social media promotion.

Be Engaging With Your Employees

If you’re not focused on being engaging with your employees, now is the time to do so. Building an engaging relationship with your staff encourages them to join in the value-sharing process as well.

Employees who are proud of their workplace often feel more comfortable interacting in ways that are outside of the comfort zones of the standard employee. They might create new networking opportunities for your business and act as brand ambassadors.

It’s a win-win for you and your employees.

Final Thoughts

Marketing your business on social media might seem wildly involved from the outside, though when you get down to basics, it’s surprisingly simple. Follow these steps above and we guarantee you’ll see an uptick in your social media stats, as well as your business.

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