Multi-Location Marketing Strategies You Need To Try

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Create a Regional Buyer Persona

When looking at your various locations, you need to ask yourself who your consumers are.

What problems do your local consumers face?
Do you have a solution for them?
Can you personalize your local marketing through landmarks, events, teams, or idioms?
Brands that are smart will create local landing pages that provide consumers with information like location-specific specials or in-stock inventory.

One of the best ways to provide resonant marketing is coming up with ways in which your brand or business can provide solutions for customer problems.

Create a Local Social Media Marketing Strategy

Some brands and businesses have separate locations manage separate social media pages. While this can be extremely effective, it can also require a lot of time and money if you want id one right.

Of course, you don’t have to create individual social media pages for different locations to optimize your local marketing in Phoenix. Here are a few different methods you might consider using as an alternative:

Create locations for your Facebook Page that pop up in maps Post frequently about your various locations, linking out to location pages on your website Write up shout-outs for local employees, specials, or events. Get Involved With The Community

While this might not be the “marketing” tip that you expected, there is nothing that can replace real community involvement. Even Starbucks, one of the world’s largest coffee chains, sets up booths at charity events and donates products to local charities and organizations.

Of course, you may not have the same resources as Starbucks and that’s okay. All it takes is a simple Google search to find events in a particular local area where you can help out.

Supporting the local community will get your name out there and attract potential customers.

Final Thoughts

From local business owners to corporate level franchisors, there is no multi-location too big or too small to implements these tips. With them, you can create a successful multi-location marketing campaign.

If you are looking to reel in more local customers and put your location on the map, focusing on different locations is crucial. Follow the steps above and you will no doubt see a spike in your marketing efforts.

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