How Digital Marketing Is Changing In 2022

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Short-Form Video Content

When shelter-in-place orders came around, the boredom level of the average consumer skyrocketed. Many consumers are now looking to short-form videos for entertainment.

It is no question that Gen Z is crazy for TikTok these days. However, even Facebook launched IG reels to boost their platform.

We are seeing an increase in social media use for every generation. Many CMOs have had to adjust their budgets to filter into these channels.

While the process of developing short-form video content, might seem simple you need to make sure that you are able to create a balance of tone and branded messaging that fits with your business. Now is the time to start experimenting with how you can communicate CTAs, product value, and brand purposes, within an eight-second visual.

Privacy Protections Will Impact Target Marketing

The California Consumer Privacy Act was implemented in 2020 to protect millions of consumers from brand targeting, which caused chaos for several ad strategies for companies marketing in California.

86% of consumers worry about data privacy, many of which are Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Prepare for more states to generate new privacy regulation rules and note that Apple rolled out a new privacy feature in 2021, which will protect users from automatic background data collection.

Marketing Automation Will Become The Norm

Marketing automation is soon to become mainstream as technology increases. With so many touch points throughout the customer journey, spreading from one device to the next, having sophisticated, high-tech systems to optimize ROI is a necessity.

Tracking these kinds of numbers for a large company will either be next to impossible or incredibly expensive.

As of today, 67% of marketers leverage tools for marketing automation.

Consumers Will Want More Personalization

Though many consumers worry about data privacy, many of them want personalized marketing. The era of mass email campaigns is coming to an end as consumers seek out websites that are more personable for their needs.

Businesses have the option of hiring teams of copywriters or leveraging machine learning.

One company that has been on the cutting edge of machine learning for content creation is Persado. This company uses unique software that delivers personalized messaging with language nuances and a robust dictionary.

Final Thoughts

As we go deeper into 2022, you can expect major changes in engagement and digital marketing transformation. It is important that you have the resources to generate creative marketing strategies and utilize new technologies so that you can rise above the rest.

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