Top 5 Instagram Real Estate Marketing Ideas

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Create a High-Quality Bio

The first thing you need to do with your Instagram is to create a high-quality bio. A great bio can make a strong first impression, which is necessary for generating leads.

Here are a few things every bio needs:

Location: Include the location where you or your agency operates.Links: Sales don’t happen on Instagram. Link people out to your website and get them close to becoming leads. CTA: Include a simple call-to-action in your bio to open the door for conversation. It can be as simple as “Drop me a line to learn more!” Have Personality!

A client that wants to sell their home doesn’t just want a real estate agent there to do the paperwork. They want someone who is personable, relatable, and easy to talk to!

Of course, you should never mix your personal and business-related content. Giving someone an idea of who you are, however, is important so that they can consider whether or not they want to work with you.

Use Location Features

For real estate companies and agents, the location feature is incredibly important. When you tag your location in a photo, you can increase your discoverability.

Instagram users can search for things using their current location. Every time they select a location, they’ll see the top posts from that area. The more you do this, the more of a chance you have of getting discovered!

Make sure to use the proper hashtags to give people a better idea of your location! Look at successful realtors in your area and see what hashtags they are using!

Use Instagram Live

IGTV or Instagram Live is one of Instagram’s newer features. Here you’ll find the top live videos on Instagram that are recommended for you.

One of the best ways for realtors to use IG Live is by giving tours of their properties. If clients don’t have time to attend an open house, they can tune into your IG Live to get a virtual tour of the property.

You could even go as far as giving a neighborhood tour!

Showcase Happy Clients

If you’re looking for ideas for feed posts, consider posting about your clients that were satisfied with your services!

Posting client testimonials or pictures with happy clients is a great way to show others your successes!

Always make sure to ask your buyers if you can share pictures of them on your Instagram once you’ve made a sale.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a few tips to help you reach your true marketing potential as a real estate agent on Instagram! So there you have it, those are some real estate marketing ideas to help you!

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