Can Emojis Be Used In Marketing?

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Understanding The Emotions Emojis Evoke

It’s so easy to evoke the wrong emotion with the wrong use of an emoji. If you look at LinkedIn, for example, you can see that there are features to react to posts beyond simply liking them. Some of the reactions include love, insightful, curious, celebrate, and more.

All of these characteristics use emojis.

In a sense, LinkedIn is on the cusp of something. Even as a corporate, resume-style social media platform, the company understands that emojis have a unique way of replacing words or thoughts.

You might consider checking out Emojipedia to learn more about the meanings of certain emojis.

Social media allows people to communicate from all over the world. Emojis can be helpful in breaking the language barrier, allowing a brand or business to communicate with others in foreign countries.

Encouraging Follower Engagement

If you’re looking for fun and unique ways to encourage engagement with your followers, you might consider emojis. Emojis are wonderful for increasing comments on posts. If you think about some of the large posts that you have come across on Instagram or Twitter in the past few days, most of the comments were likely emojis.

There are many major posts that even ask users to comment with emojis in the comment section.

According to Zoom Info, the simple inclusion of emojis has helped increase comments and shares on Facebook by up to 33%.

Using Emojis In Emails

People often wonder whether or not emoji use in emails is appropriate. We say yes, though you must be considerate and use them in moderation!

43% of consumers are likely to click on an email if there is an emoji in the subject line, which says something about consumer psychology.

However, you must consider the interaction. A formal email with an emoji might feel forced or out of place. An informal or light-hearted email, on the other hand, might be the perfect opportunity for an emoji.

It is up to you to gauge the content in your email to decide whether or not it makes sense. You must also have a good gauge surrounding the voice of your brand on the Internet. If you never use emojis in your social media posts, using them in your emails might not make sense either.

Bottom Line

As trends come and go, it might be easy to pass emojis off as just another fad. However, we like to see them as useful tools for marketing and creating brand recognition.

Using emojis is a strategy that you should highly consider.

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