How To Market Your Business On Instagram

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Set Up A Business Profile

If your Instagram profile is a personal profile, consider switching it over to a business profile. There are so many benefits that you can reap from having a business profile, including Instagram advertising, Instagram Shopping, Insights, and much more.

With Instagram Advertising and Shopping, you can use Instagram to promote your products and services while making sales.

With Insights, you’ll get access to helpful analytics regarding impressions and demographics. Insights allow you to analyze your current marketing strategies and come up with new ones for the future if you feel you can optimize your approach.

Make Your Brand Recognizable

You need to think about every piece of your profile. For starters, consider your username. Nike, for example, is simply @nike, not @xnike_123x. There is no reason that you need to use an excess of numbers or characters. Simplicity is key. It will help your followers remember you as they scroll through their feeds.

Keep your profile photo simple too. Use your company logo if you have one. There’s great importance of how to use your company logo.

The idea here is to trigger brand recognition. If people are searching for you on Instagram, make it so that they can find the right page with a photo or graphic that represents your brand.

Optimize Your Bio

You should be using your bio to highlight the major elements of your brand or business. However, with only 160 characters, you need to find a way to simplify things.

Consider the fact that your bio should funnel customers from your Instagram profile to your website or online storefront. If you don’t have your website in your bio, set it up. Make sure that your bio has hashtags and keywords  as well.

When you have simple keywords in your bio, consumers can find you more easily. Your hashtag choices should also be clean and concise so that users can find your page with ease. Hashtagify is a wonderful resource for finding out which hashtags have potential for your business.

Bottom Line

You can strategize and optimize Instagram just like any other social media platform. The main goal is to extend your reach and get more visitors to your page. In the end, you can convert those visitors into paying customers to take your business even further.

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