Top 5 Instagram Marketing Mistakes

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Low-Quality Photos and Videos

When you scroll through Instagram on your own time, there is nothing that leaves a bad taste in your mouth quite like an image or video with terrible quality. For a platform founded on visual content, having high-quality photos and videos should seem obvious.

While you don’t need to hire a professional photographer every time you want to post something, you should be putting some thought into every piece of content you create and post. It can be as simple as making a few edits.

The Absence of a Posting Schedule

The only way to build a following on Instagram is if you are consistent. You need to establish a pattern for your posts that provides your followers with a bit of brand reliance.

Nowadays, there are social media platforms out there that can help you schedule your posts with ease, taking out a lot of the grunt work. Never feel overwhelmed having to keep up with a posting schedule.

Try to set monthly goals and create strategies for the types of Instagram posts you create, which will encourage your follower to engage with you and share your posts, as they’ll have a better understanding of your direction.

No Consistency

Going along with your schedule, your posts need to be visually consistent. Someone should be able to scroll by your photo or video and instantly recognize your brand. Creating consistency inspires brand recognition and association or identity for your business.

Whether you choose to use specific fonts, filters, or video structures, having consistency will help you build a better presence.

No Follower Engagement

If you never show appreciation for your followers, how can you ever expect to get more exposure to your page? Respond to follower comments, send them thank-you notes if they share your post, or give them shout-outs on your story.

You can create a brand identity while being attentive and responsive, which will ultimately extend your brand.

No Regard for Analytics

If you haven’t been checking your Instagram analytics to get a better idea of your personal followers, interactions, impressions, and reach, then you need to start.

Analytics can help you to schedule your posts and gain a better idea of your business demographics, which can influence the marketing decisions you make in the future.

Bottom Line

We hope that these Instagram marketing mistakes motivate you to revamp your Instagram presence. Apply our solutions to these mistakes and we promise you’ll see more activity on your brand’s Instagram account this year.

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