Top 5 Reasons To Run Branded Campaigns

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Uncategorized

Increased SERP Visibility

When it comes to branded queries, brand awareness is not a top priority. However, there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t occupy a greater amount of space on a page with search results. Similar to email marketing campaigns, the greater number of links you have on a single page, the more of a chance you have of increasing your CTR.

When you take up more space on the SERP, you push content that is unrelated further down on the page or completely out of sight. When it comes to competitors that may appear in your search results, this is extremely helpful.


Message Control and Customization

The beauty of dominating a space is that you can customize it. You likely already rank for branded terms, as we said before. However, organic search results typically use straightforward messaging and very standard listings. More often than not, they direct people to your homepage.

You can customize your messaging with a branded ad. Highlight new promotions, incorporate unique copy, or funnel users to a landing page that performs better.

Sink Your Competitors

If your competitors are ad-savvy, they are likely trying to create space on your branded terms. You need to bid on your brand terms so that Google can recognize the relevancy of your content and pick your ad above the competitive ad.

Not only will you be able to sink your competitor on the search results, but you will also be able to clarify misinformation that they put out there to drain your business.

Reel In Customers At the Peak Conversion Point

Customers are likely searching for your branded terms because they are already familiar with your company. They’ve done the organic searches and research to find you. Now that they’ve done their research, they’ve decided to become your customer.

There is always a chance that someone else is bidding on your terms if you haven’t. If a few competitor ads sit above your organic results, you’re missing out on likely conversions.

Branded Terms are Wildly Inexpensive

The beauty of branded campaigns is that, compared to other paid ads, they are typically cheaper.

You can capture these searches with lower bids since your content is already the most relevant option in each query. Plus, you get more for less because branded searches are likely to get the most clicks.

Final Thoughts

Branded campaigns are excellent, cost-effective strategies for your bottom line with even more benefits than listed here.

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