Maximizing Google Ads Results With a Small Budget

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Hone In On Quality Goals

While some people are only motivated by goals that are near impossible, those goals can dampen morale if those goals are set and not realized. We recommend refraining from setting massive goals and instead create smarter goals with specialized strategies.

Focus on SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely.

Specific: Focus on the ROI that you want to see on each keyword and in which markets you want to see that ROI. Measurable: While it is incredibly crucial to set your goals, you must also track them as you go. You’ll never be able to repeat your successes if you can’t measure them. Measuring your success helps you to create future budgets, campaigns, and strategies.

Attainable: You need to consider whether the goal you set is realistic or not. Make sure that the goals you set are within the boundaries of your budget so that you can realistically hit the finish line. Relevant: If a goal doesn’t make sense for your PPC campaign? You may want to utilize keywords that say “near me, for example, if your main goal is to garner local traffic from Google Ads.

Timely: Understand how long it will likely take to reach your goal. While doubling your ROI in less than a month sounds great, it might not be honest. However, setting a realistic deadline for yourself can help you stay on track.

Never Break Your Budget

You can set your monthly budget and break it down daily with Google Ads, allowing you to see the maximum amount that you will spend on each campaign. Google will also tell you how competitive your spending is, allowing you to see if the budget you have set can achieve your desired results.

While it can be enticing to adjust your budget if you do not see the results you want, it can be quite a slippery slope. We recommend adjusting and reshaping your strategy instead, as it is unlikely that the amount of money you are spending is having more of an impact than how you are spending it.

A Few Things You Can Do

  • Keywords: Narrow your scope when it comes to keywords by using the Google Ads keyword planner to discover cost-effective keyword options. If you can find five ultra-relevant keywords, it will take you a lot further than paying for 20 competitive keywords.

  • Schedule: Don’t run ads 24/7. This type of spending might seem effective, though the cost adds up. Start by considering when your target audience will search for your products or services and narrow your focus to those times.

  • Location: If you know where the strength of your brand awareness lies, use that location to your advantage. Targeting smaller audiences is a far more practical way to convert.

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