GM Has Unique Campaign Strategy for Electric Cars

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Uncategorized

The Re-Design

“Everybody In”

GM describes these changes as the company’s “inflection point”. With a shift to EVs during a time of technological advancements and environmental concerns, the industry demands better, alternative-energy solutions at scale. To provide these solutions, GM manufactured a proprietary Ultium battery to power its electric vehicles.

The new advertisements from GM include the “Everybody In” thematic motif, which provides more positive messages than prior ads. With new slogans like, “We emit optimism, not exhaust,” there is an obvious shift in the company’s values.

The Pack Follows

In the ever-changing auto industry, GM is not alone in its efforts to move into the electric era. Earlier this past week, Kia revealed a new slogan for its global brand, as well as a new logo, hoping to complement its long-term business plan. Similar to GM, this change is working to put a spotlight on the brand’s shift to electric.

During the holidays, Ford ran a campaign to promote its new Mustang models, which are completely electric. For Ford, this is the start of an $11.5 billion investment to bring its fleet into the electric era.

Disrupting the market, of course, is Tesla, who just last week flew past Facebook in terms of market valuation.

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