Top 5 Reasons Why Logos Are Important For Business

by | Jan 13, 2021 | Uncategorized

1. Logos are Attention Grabbers

The attention spans of consumers have significantly dropped over the past decade. You might have as little as two seconds to draw in a potential customer. This is where a great logo comes in. A beautifully-designed logo can grab an onlooker’s attention, in turn, converting into an eventual sale.

2. Logos Make a Strong First Impression

You only have one chance to make a strong first impression. If you design your logo well, you could pique the interest of a potential customer. Your logo should communicate what it is that you sell or do. If you’re a financial group, maybe stay away from the curvy, 70s-style fonts. However, if your business makes dreamcatchers, feel free to go nuts and have fun with your logo.

3. Logos are the Core of Your Brand Identity

Pro branding helps deliver a story that pokes at the influences and emotions of consumers. A logo is a foundation on which this narrative is built. Based on the story that you are trying to tell, you can pick different fonts, tones, and colors.

All of these elements will translate into different branding materials, including landing pages, business cards, letterheads, and more. Essentially, your logo has the power to establish who you are and makes your brand marketable along the way.

4. Logos are Memorable

Think of a log as an identification point that customers use to recognize your brand. In an ideal world, a customer could see your logo and instantly connect with a memory of what it is that you do. Hopefully, it will make them feel something too.

A great logo triggers positive recall thanks to the fact that it is a stimulating visual element. To be honest, there are plenty of people who will likely forget the name of your brand. However, they will know immediately who you are once that beautiful logo comes into frame.

5. Logos Separate You From the Competition

Be unique with your logo. Your logo tells your customers that you are unique from your competition. Yes, there might be a hundred other bakeries in your city, though YOUR bakery is the one that has made a commitment to sustainability. To drive that message home, consider an organic logo with earthy tones and fonts.

A logo that has been well-designed not only communicates the mission of a company (food, innovation, entertainment), but also the background of the company (fun, relaxed, professional). The right fonts and icons can convey your values as a brand.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, having a high-quality logo can make or break your business. We recommend finding a professional to help you design it so that you can showcase the best parts of your brand.

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