Top 5 Reasons Why Business Cards are Still Important

by | Jan 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

Contact Details

There is no easier way to deliver contact information than with a business card. Contact information can be vital to clients. Clients can easily keep these cards in their wallet or desk drawer to find a company’s contact details quickly.

Provides a Personal Touch

Beyond contact details, business cards give a personal touch. Prior to the exchange of a business card, there are usually handshakes, greetings, and connections being made. A business card is simply the cherry on top.

The exchange of a card says, “I acknowledge and respect you and would like to do business with you.”

Of course, the quality of the card plays a HUGE role. Create quality cards and your clients will know you’re a professional.

Create a Great First Impression

With all of the distractions out there, the attention span of the average human is on a slow decline. It is more and more essential to knock your potential clients off their feet with a good first impression.

Consider the design of your card. It should catch someone’s eye and build a good impression of your business. Utilize the proper brand colors, company details, logos, and materials.

It Is Essential In Some Cultures

In Hong Kong, someone that provides you with a business card expects one in return. If you do not have a card to share, you will likely lose that client. Japanese clients often analyze the quality of a business card to judge how you conduct your business.

Use Your Cards As Marketing Tools

Of course, we’re all about marketing here at Gold Level Marketing. We understand how custom business cards can be used as direct marketing tools. While email marketing, SEO, and other types of automated marketing methods might fetch potential clients or leads, business cards remain the most effective.

Whether you’re at a conference or the airport bar, having some cards in your wallet, ready to go, allows you to market to prospects whenever you run into them.

Even in today’s virtual world, business cards remain significant. As marketing tools, they can help establish warmer personal relationships with clients, all while establishing trust and brand recognition.

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