The Three Types of Affiliate Marketing

by | Jan 7, 2021 | Uncategorized

Unattached Affiliate Marketing

Unattached Affiliate promotion relates to pay-per-click marketing campaigns. The reason we refer to this type of affiliate marketing as “unattached” is that the marketer does not have any authority or presence in the promotion of the product. The connection between marketer and consumer does not exist.

The idea here is to simply stick an affiliate link in front of something and hope that someone clicks on it. People who don’t want to take the time to build a reputation online or do not want to commit to building a website or blog often gravitate toward this option.

While it is great in that sense, it lacks the ability to build relationships with users. In essence, it is a darker side of affiliate marketing.

Related Affiliate Marketing

Related affiliate promoting is another form of affiliate marketing in which the marketer has a bit of an online presence. That online presence may include a podcast, blog, video series, or social media platform. On these mediums lie affiliate links to products that are niche-related, though they may not be products that you genuinely use.

This strategy is percent decent when it comes to earning extra income. Affiliate links may come in the form of a text link at the bottom of a blog post, a banner on the sidebar, etc. People often put more trust in buying products from these types of affiliate marketers because of the authority the marketer possesses.

Not promoting the right product could have its consequences, especially if you have never used it. To build trust and authority, a lot of time must be invested. A negative affiliate offer could tarnish a reputation in an instant.

Involved Affiliate Marketing

With involved affiliate marketing, the marketer has used a service or product, believes in what it does, and recommends it to their followers. The product doesn’t sit as a banner on the side of a website but is rather integrated into the marketer’s lifestyle and content.

Involved affiliate creates “must-have” products, as marketers have the chance to genuinely highlight their positive experiences with those products.

Of course, with this kind of power comes responsibility, especially for marketers who have a ton of influence over their followers. It is very different from unattached affiliate promoting, as marketers talk directly to their audience, putting their trust, reputation, and authority on the line.

Involved marketing is built on authenticity and trust. Focus on that trust and the desire to serve rather than making income, and you will find success in this type of endeavor.

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