How To Promote Your YouTube Channel With 0 Subscribers

by | Oct 20, 2020 | Uncategorized

Utilize Paid YouTube Ads

Many first-time YouTubers opt-out of using paid ads because it’s not affordable. However, if you have the capital and your business is all set up, you might want to consider investing it in YouTube ads to give yourself a bit of a boost.

The way YouTube works is that the platform must decide whether or not your channel is any good or not. If you’re starting a brand new channel, YouTube is going to take longer to recognize your channel as one that people are tuning into. The value of your channel is determined by how long people are watching your videos or your “total watch time.” If your channel is brand new and you aren’t receiving any views, YouTube isn’t going to show appreciation for your channel.

In that case, you may want to take two to three of your best videos and create discovery ads to get them in front of viewers.

Start off with $10 per day to get your videos in front of the right people and get yourself more subscribers. Videos with more views will likely show up next to related videos as well. It’s good to get those organic views early on.

Take Advantage of Existing Traffic Sources

There are likely other blogs or brands out there that are using YouTube that are discussing things related to your channel.

Giving marketing advice?
There are hundreds if not thousands of blogs, platforms, or publications that you can reach out to in hopes of promotion. The same thing goes for health and fitness, food, tech, fashion, and more.

For every video that you make, consider the content that you can push to existing sources. You could simply spend an hour reaching out to 20 pages on Facebook. If you can get one of those 20, you’ve made it. One post could potentially give you thousands of views.

Always Seek Out Improvement

Digest criticism and do something with it. So many people have a hard time accepting feedback when it comes to their videos that aren’t working. Remember, you aren’t just making videos for yourself. You’re making videos for a larger audience.

It makes sense to listen to what those people are telling you and see how they are responding to your videos.

Are there certain videos that are far more popular than others? Why could that be? Maybe you should analyze the elements of your popular video(s) and follow that formula.

If you find that a specific topic resonates well with your viewers, make more videos similar to that!

Final Thoughts

Keep pushing yourself to make high-quality videos for your business or brand and get in front of your camera, even when you don’t want to! Do all of these things and you will for sure know how to promote your youtube channel with 0 subscribers!

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