Top 3 Elements of a Strong SEO Product Description

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Brand Voice

Some brands utilize witty or wacky humor in their brand voice while others necessitate a tone that is far more informational or educational. We love looking at the Dollar Shave Club as a prime example of digital marketing, so let’s look at their product descriptions. 

They invoke a sense of wit while retaining the fact that their products are high-quality.

The point is that you must consider your brand.

  • Can you replicate this form of success brand voice recognition within your product descriptions?

  • Do you have the ability to be clever while retaining a sense of professionalism or is your brand one that requires a bit more sincerity?

Decide on your voice and stick with it.

Understand Your Buyer Profile

The buyer profile or buyer persona that you attract to your brand can act as a viable tool for your digital marketing strategy. One hopeless delusion that we often come across when working with new companies is that people believe they can sell to anyone.

The majority of products out there have a market. It is important that you figure out what that market is so that you can put your energy and resources into marketing to that specific demographic.

Use data, customer profiles, and market trends to understand your ideal customer. Then use product description to stimulate their consumer desires, sell them on your products, and dispel any doubts they may have.

This goes hand-in-hand with cultivating a brand tone and using suitable references or humor if any.

Provide Value

One of the biggest advantages to understanding your buyer’s persona is understanding how to provide them with value. One thing that certainly does not offer value is a long list of raw information and technical features. Customers want to purchase a product because of what it might be able to do for them.

A community of active people may not see the use for a video game platform, for example.

We recommend the feature/benefit exercise. The idea here is that you take one of your products, list the features, and then list why those features might be beneficial to your user.

If your an outdoor brand that sells camping tents with quality rip-stop material, you may want to mention that the benefit of having that rip-stop material allows for camping in harsh climates or adds to the overall durability of the tent, creating a longer-lasting tent compared to competitors.

Final Thoughts

Moving beyond all of these elements, you may want to consider using SEMrush product descriptions to write in an SEO-optimized fashion. If you want to optimize an SEO product description and need some advice to start, make sure to get in contact with us here at Gold Level Marketing.

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