Top 3 Instagram Brands Right Now

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The strategy for Etsy’s Instagram is incredibly simple yet ultra-effective. Etsy uses the Instagram platform to showcase unique products from its large community of sellers. Whether those products are canvas coasters or reclaimed wood picture frames, Etsy keeps the products linked in its bio, providing users with an easy way to shop for products with ease.

Etsy recently put out a #standwithsmall video campaign, encouraging consumers to support small businesses affected by COVID-19. The Etsy Success channel, which focuses on helping Etsy users create a successful shop, uses this community-driven appeal as well.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s hit Instagram brand earlier this year letting the world know that they were fighting for the cause. The brand’s Instagram highlights its social activism, as well as its delicious ice cream. Ben & Jerry’s is always looking for new ways to combine these two things when possible; They often use creative illustrations to showcase topics they believe are important.

For fear of alienating customers, brands rarely speak up on divisive topics. However, Ben & Jerry’s wanted to show the world that they had no fear. They have repeatedly called on their millions of followers to help spread the word as well.

This unique and upfront approach is what makes Ben & Jerry’s one of the most interesting brands to keep up with on the Instagram platform. It would be quite boring if they only showcased their ice cream.

Tiffany & Co

We all know that little blue box when we see it. While Tiffany & Co has been a major luxury brand for quite some time, it is slowly becoming one of the most prominent luxury brands on Instagram. The brand’s made-for-social content utilizes highly-emotive storytelling to attract consumers.

‘T Time’, which is one of the brand’s Instagram Live series, features a variety of social influences and experts who speak on topics that resonate with the Tiffany & Co audience. These topics include love, fashion, and style.

Tiffany & Co also uses Instagram to showcase unique, behind-the-scenes content for its campaigns. A luxury brand with behind-the-scenes content is quite unique, as many consumers of luxury goods don’t often feel they can relate to the message of a luxury brand.

Of course, Tiffany & Co does all of this while retaining its brand image, somehow utilizing Tiffany Blue within the content that it posts.

Final Thoughts

Optimizing your instagram brand may seem like a challenge, which is why we always recommend referencing other successful brands to see what works and what doesn’t. If you need help creating the perfect Instagram strategy, make sure to get in touch with us here at Gold Level Marketing.

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