What Are Backlinks and Why Are They Needed?

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The World of Content Creation and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Can Seem Mysterious to the Uninitiated.

When it comes to creating effective web content and improving the performance of a website, there are certain methods that SEO-savvy individuals favor – one of these is the use of backlinks.

What Are Backlinks?

In the most simple terms, backlinks, also known as ‘inbound links,’ are a conversation between websites. When one site refers to information or data from another website via a link, a connection is created between the two. The internet is effectively a collection of web pages connected by hyperlinks. The worldwide web grows each time a new page or link is added, becoming an even greater source of information.

Why Are Backlinks Important?

When another website creates a link to an article you have posted, it is almost like giving a virtual ‘thumbs up to your content. A backlink is typically an acknowledgment that the person linking enjoyed your content cited your article, or at the very least that you caught their attention. Search engines give credence to websites that are frequently linked to other sites. When actively receiving backlinks, search engines assume that your content is reliable or resonates with people in such a way that it is worth featuring higher on their algorithms. Think of backlinks as the internet’s version of a popularity contest – the more inbound links you receive, the more popular (or controversial!) your content is.

How Can Backlinks Help Your Website?

1. Get Noticed

If no one sees a website, does it really exist? Almost 100% of the time the creator of web content wants to create content that is viewed by others. Search engines discover websites by ‘crawling’ and following backlinks from existing pages. The act of crawling allows search engine bots to read your site content and use its links to discover other pages. After a site is crawled, the information is indexed by the search engine. SEO and the use of backlinks ensure that your site is more likely to be acknowledged by search engine bots, and therefore crawled and indexed where people can find it most easily.

2. Increase Traffic

Receiving a backlink from another website is like winning a recommendation from a friend. This makes it easier for anyone, who views a webpage that features an inbound link to your site, to click on that link and become additional traffic for you. Backlinks can lead to not only increased traffic but also increased engagement from people who are already looking at similar content to yours.

3. Strengthen Your Brand

Creating quality and engaging content and articles is the single best way to ensure that your website receives the recognition that it deserves. Another way of gaining attention is to be aligned with other sites and brands that are of an equally high standard. The links you create must be with relevant websites that complement your brand. By utilizing backlinks from other respected sites in your field, your brand, in turn, gains respect and becomes more recognizable.

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