How Long Does it Take for an SEO Article to Start Ranking

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As a blogger, you might be interested in knowing how long it takes an SEO article to start ranking. You might have invested money in SEO articles or intends on spending on such.

Knowing how long an article takes to start ranking will allow you to determine your expected time of turnaround. The typical response to the question “how long does it take to rank in Google” depends solely on the skills of the writer, budgets, the strength of the website, and the competition in such a niche. All things being equal, if you can make your writing and website of top-notch quality, your chance of being ranked is high.

Are All Top-Ranking Websites Old?

Based on our research, the average top-ranking pages are almost three years old. About 20% of the pages researched are one year old.

About 5.7% of pages created within one year ranked as top 10 for at least one keyword. Webpage with a low domain rating performs below par when compared to the high domain rating (HDR) counterpart. However, the bulk of the top-ranking pages are created more than one year ago.

It can then be deduced that most top-ranking webpages are old, but that does not mean that your one-year-old site will not rank. What matters is how you manage the website and the quality of your SEO skill.

Can Website Domain Rating Help in Ranking Domain Pages?

The rating of your domain has a lot to do with how fast the search engines rank your website. Domain rating is divided into three –

  • High domain rating (HDR)

  • Medium domain rating (MDR)

  • Low domain rating (LDR).

Your web pages will rank better if you have a high domain rating for your website compared to LDR and MDR.

Coupled with the domain ranking, you need to consider the volume of your chosen keywords. Research shows that websites with low volume keywords rank faster compared to sites with a large volume. It could take up to 121 days to rank a website with a high domain rating and a low volume keywords.

How Will the Search Engine Find My Website?

Search engines need to find your website suitable to be at the top of the search. As a result, the companies created unique programs that are also known as “bots” (sometimes spiders) to rank sites. These programs will crawl through millions of webpages per day collecting and cataloging the data of the website.

These bots are very busy as they try everything possible to make the information on each site as accurate as possible. Thus, you must include all the keywords and phrases related to your business that will make it easier for the bots to see your website.

Search Engine Algorithms for Ranking a Website

The algorithm of each search engine changes from time to time depending on their users’ behavioral pattern. Unfortunately, most companies do not share this information with the public. However, for your website to rank better, it must have the following:

  1. Quality write-ups that are readable and free from plagiarism
  2. Well-developed website
  3. Publish relevant information
  4. Update content regularly

What a Can a New Website Owner Do

Based on the research, it takes roughly three years before your website can produce #1 ranking. Competing with old sites is a tough job that requires passion, energy, and hard work.

As a new website owner, you must utilize an aggressive SEO approach. It would help if you tried to build your website on a solid rock of design and high domain rating. We recommend making use of keywords that will target your audience from time to time. Creation of pages that matter to the people will improve your ranking on search engine.


No SEO company will guarantee your website #1 spot on the search engine result or tell you the period it would take your website to appear on the top 10 of the search engine. However, you should be confident that with constant hard work and passion, you would reach the #1 page on search engines.

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