How Can PPC Help You Connect With New Customers?

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Pay-Per-Click advertising, otherwise known as PPC, is an easily measurable, conversion-focused form of marketing that can help you connect with customers and increase Sales, Leads, or Conversions.


A PPC campaign can provide you with reliable, targeted data, delivering insight into consumer behavior, so you can further optimize your marketing campaigns and maximize conversions.


A look at recent study by Small Biz Genius shows that PPC advertising can generate 50% more conversions compared to other digital marketing techniques. In essence, you can draw a fair amount of power from a well-planned PPC campaign.


So, how does PPC establish better customer connections?


In this short guide, we’re going to give you a small bit of insight into the fundamentals of PPC.


How Does PPC Work?


PPC is a unique marketing strategy that works in tandem with Google Ads, in which an advertiser will pay for each click on an ad they are running. Essentially, you have a bidding system in which advertisers try and outbid one another by paying an agreed-upon fee each time their ad is clicked on.


PPC can be useful in putting your products or services directly in front of a target audience to maximize sales, visibility, and brand awareness.


The beauty of PPC is that you don’t have to pay any fees unless a consumer has enough interest to click on the ad. That ad should then take that person to a landing page on your site, where you’ll have further chances to convince them why they should invest in your products or services.


You’re also in control of the costs when you use PPC, as you can set limits for your total spending budget.


There are numerous types of PPC ads businesses use to get in front of new customers.


Common Types of PPC Ads


Search Ads


These types of ads are based on chosen keywords used in your advertisement copy to attract a target audience. Search ads are used on search engines, such as Google.


Display Ads


You’ll often find display ads in the form of banners integrated into certain types of site content. Advertisers will carefully select relevant sites or use interest-centric targeting methods to determine where to place display ads.


Video Ads


Video advertisements offer some of the most effective marketing outcomes.


An engaging video is a great tool to connect with a new audience and build brand awareness.



Getting Started with PPC


There are many moving parts in any great PPC advertising campaign. Trying to figure out where to get started can be overwhelming, especially with so many available channels.


Here at Gold Level Marketing, our team of top-tier PPC experts and marketing experts can help develop a well-positioned PPC campaign for your business to put your products or services in front of a new audience.


If you’re looking for a seasoned marketing agency that can provide a digital marketing strategy, keyword research, and implementation to maximize your sales, boost traffic to your website, and reach the right audience, get in touch with us today.

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