5 Tips for Creating a Web Design That Stands Out

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Trying to decide between infinite ways to style and design your website can be quite difficult. However, web design’s ultimate goal is to create something that meshes with your brand identity.

Quality web design emphasizes functionality and user experience, though it should be equally intuitive to any visitor at first glance.

Let’s check out some ways to make your web design stand out.

Approach It With A Minimalist Attitude

You want your homepage to reflect your business’s core values or message.

It’s pretty rare for any visitor to read every word on a web page, meaning your web design should allow a visitor to quickly scan a page and evaluate your content instantly.

Make sure your content is evenly spaced out, you have relevant, quality imagery, your important content is above the fold, and you have a CTA (call-to-action).

Utilize Hierarchy

One of the most important principles of web design is hierarchy. With this principle in mind, you can lead visitors to the right places by gauging the elements they’ll naturally follow.

For example, your logo and business name should be the largest elements on the homepage to emphasize their prominence.

Consider keeping any important information in bold and at the top of the fold, if possible. Hierarchy can help create a trail of breadcrumbs for your visitors.

Optimize Readability

Your web design “readability” is how easy it is for visitors to recognize sentences and phrases. You can find readability scores on popular programs like WordPress and Grammarly. Ideally, your website should be easy for visitors to skim through or scan without effort.

Using large letter sizes, recognizable type fonts, and sufficient contrast between your text and background colors are crucial.

Simplify Navigation

While you might run a company that’s breaking the mold in its own right, this doesn’t mean you need to make the navigation aspect of your web design complex or avant-garde to match.

With an easy-to-navigate website, visitors will have a better experience. Here are a few ways you can simplify navigation:

  • Have your logo link to your homepage so users can get back to Point A at any time.

  • Create a structured menu to get to different parts of your website.

  • Include important information on your footers, such as social media icons or contact information.

Be Mobile-Friendly

No matter the device visitors are using to navigate your website, they should be able to enjoy the user experience. Make sure to test out the mobile version of your website when going through the web design process.

Make your mobile site more streamlined with less clutter than your desktop site.

Final Thoughts

Turning Heads With Quality Web Design

Start looking around at some of your top competitors to get inspiration for your web design, and get in touch with us here at Gold Level Marketing for help creating a fully functional website catered to your branding and style.

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