Why Website Design & Marketing Funnel Is Crucial When Owning A Business

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Why Are Marketing Funnels So Important?

It is pretty rare that consumers will decide to purchase new products or hire services if they just heard about a new business. This is especially the case now, as there is so much information available online. It’s easier than ever for consumers to read reviews, research products, and compare products or services with competitors before making purchases.

Your marketing funnel is the journey your customers will go on before buying a specific product or service, and it’s up to YOU to develop this funnel that gels with your brand.

95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious, meaning your marketing funnel needs to go deeper if you want to make a sale! It’s important to consider your target audience’s buyer personas, as they can help you understand who your customers are and how they are coming upon your products or services.

A good marketing funnel works like this:

  • Awareness: The stage in which consumers become aware of your products or services. This is a customer’s first bit of exposure to your brand or business.

  • Interest: This stage is where a customer determines whether or not your products or services are relevant to them based on their needs.

  • Consideration: This stage is where the customer believes the product or service you’re offering could be a solution, yet they aren’t sure if YOUR brand is the solution.

  • Action/Purchase: If you have a quality marketing funnel, the last stage should be the action/purchase stage. This stage could be anything from offering a customer incentive to buy or giving them one last compelling reason why they need your product or service.

What About Website Design?

Then, we have to take a look at your website design in the grand scheme of your marketing funnel.

If you have a low-quality web design that doesn’t match your brand or provide information about your products or services, you’ll likely never reach the action/purchase portion of the marketing funnel.

There are several reasons why building a website is important, including:

  • Quality website design can build trust

  • A well-designed website can improve SEO.

  • A strong website can maximize your content’s impact

  • A professional website maintains your brand’s consistency

With all of these elements, you can improve your conversion rates.

If a customer is able to reach your website and find the products or services they need quickly, they will be much more likely to make a purchase. Nothing can make your brand feel more trustworthy and appealing than brand consistency and improved visual appeal.

Final Thoughts

If you need help enhancing your website design or creating the perfect marketing funnel, make sure to get in touch with us here at Gold Level Marketing.

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