Top 3 Tools To Use In 2022 To Check Your Website Speed

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With a simple user interface and a user-friendly platform, Dareboost makes it easy to test the performance and quality of your website.

The insights that it offers are super helpful, making it easy for even inexperienced users to grasp. Dareboost presents users with a series of intuitive charts that give you a bird’s eye view of your website’s page loading speed and performance. In addition, the platform gives you insights into best practices with tips on how to implement them.

PageSpeed Insights

Google is the developer for PageSpeed Insights, which you can find through Google Analytics or your Chrome browser.

However, if you want the most information about your website possible, we recommend going through the standalone PageSpeed page. Simply type in the web page URL you want information on, and PageSpeed Insights will draft up a report with key elements. Beyond that, it’ll give you suggestions for places where you can improve. You can find potential improvements in the Opportunities section, as well as detailed improvement possibilities in the Diagnostics section. One helpful factor is that it tells you how long a particular page takes to load before it becomes interactive to visitors.


WebPageTest is certainly not the most fashionable website in the world regarding design, though this tool has been one of the most trusted and reliable sources for web speed testing for many years. 

There are many benefits to using WebPageTest, including:

  • Customizable settings for each test

  • Location configurability

Multiple runs to gauge performance consistency; the best part about WebPageTest is that it is absolutely free! You won’t be blown away by flashy web design or ultra-user-friendly diagnostics, though the results are some of the most accurate out there.

Final Thoughts

With how significant web page speed can impact your website’s performance, it’s easy to see why checking its speed every now and then is so crucial.

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