6 Surprising Ways EDDM Can Work For You

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The Top Ways EDDM Can Work For Your Business

#1 Market To Your Local Area

One of the most prominent benefits of EDDM is that it does not require a mailing list, which can save you TONS of money. EDDM operates through the mail carrier, meaning the mail carrier will deliver your message to every house along the route. You must focus on making sure your ad catches the eye of anyone who picks it up in the mail. Let the postal service focus on delivery.

#2 Save Money On Advertising

So many business owners despise the idea of spending money on advertising. Nowadays, it’s so easy to design colorful, eye-catching postcards and brochures with free online software like Canva. Once you have your messages, you can send them out in batches with incredibly low postal rates, tracking them along the way to measure the success of your campaign.

#3 Retain Customers With Discounts

With EDDM, you can send discounts and deals directly to customers. Offering discounts is a fantastic way to retain current customers or bring in customers who have never shopped at your business before. We often see skincare product lines and shoe stores using this method to attract new business. Simply send coupons with codes for customers to redeem their discounts in-store, and your business will boom.

#4 Target Customers Who Matter

Because EDDM is geographically focused, you can send these messages exclusively to customers who are most likely to react. There’s no reason to waste tons of money marketing to people who will never buy from you anyway, and EDDM helps weed those people out.

#5 Easy To Set Up

We understand that the majority of small business owners simply don’t have the manpower to focus on marketing and advertising. Luckily, EDDM takes very little time and effort. Simply print your brochures or postcards, bundle them up, and deliver them to your local post office. The postal service will do the rest!

#6 Get Your Message Out In Whatever Way Suits Your Business

Customization is king with EDDM. From tri-fold menus to postcards and beyond, it’s easy to get your message across no matter what your business does. With so many design capabilities, affordable EDDM allows your business to stand out amongst the rest.

Final Thoughts

Is Every Door Direct Mail Worth It?

If you’re looking for a cheap and easy way to market to the neighborhood, then EDDM is the perfect tool for your needs! We hope that you feel more confident in your decision to implement it into your marketing campaigns. Here at Gold Level Marketing, we strive to help business owners and marketing professionals stay on top of the game.

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