How To Reach Different Generations Of Users On Facebook

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Reaching Generation X Users on Facebook

While Facebook was the platform for millennials about a decade ago, Generation X has taken over. Over 95% of people from Generation X have Facebook profiles.

Similar to the younger generations, Generation X’ers enjoy videos, images, infographics, and blog posts. However, even though 50% or more of Generation X users will engage with videos on social media, what truly captures their attention are brand promotions and deals. If you want to captivate the notice of Generation X, your best bet is to share any specials regularly or deals your business has, including:

  • Contests and sweepstakes

  • Promo videos

  • Daily deals

Of course, don’t skimp out on using high-quality videos or images to display these promos and deals.

Reaching Millennials Users on Facebook

Millennials use Facebook primarily to keep close to friends. They aren’t as interested in promotions and deals but rather want entertainment and information. However, Millennials are twice as likely as Generation X to contact brands through social media rather than phone calls or emails.

According to Lizz Kannenberg, a writer from Entrepreneur, Millennials are very particular about the content they choose to view and will quickly pass things over that they don’t find interesting. Like Generation Z, if they find that a post is not authentic, they’ll pass it over. Some of the best ways to attract attention from Millennials include:

  • Developing user-generated content

  • Client or employee shoutouts

  • Crafting behind-the-scenes videos

  • How-to videos for your products or services

Reaching Generation Z Users on Facebook

Generation Z users also use Facebook for information and to keep up with friends. However, Generation Z users have much shorter attention spans, somewhere in the realm of eight seconds. As a brand, you must create content that captures that short attention span or risk loss of interest. Short videos are the best way to create Generation Z engagement. While you should start and post videos regularly, you should try out some of these formats:

  • Client and customer testimonials

  • Facebook Stories promoting 24-Hour Flash sales

  • Employee or customer shoutouts

  • Product inventory live streams

Remember, your videos must be concise. Get to the point! Even more remarkable is the fact that your video must be Gen-Z relatable. You can’t simply hire a paid actor and expect it to come across as authentic.

Final Thoughts

While it might seem exhausting, following these easy tips will help you retain interest from Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z customers.

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