Step-By-Step Guide for Social Media Content Curation

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Create a Curation Frequency

One of the best ways to share the best content with your followers is by curating social media content. However, prior to sharing content with your followers, you need to find out how many times per week you should be curating this content.

The frequency of curation typically varies based on the platform. Twitter, for example, will likely require more content curation compared to a platform like Facebook.

The ideal mix for content marketing, according to a study by Curata, is:

  • Original Content – 65%

  • Curated Content – 25%

  • Syndicated Content – 10%

  • Know Your Social Media Metrics

Do you know what content of yours receives the most engagement? If not, you need to look at your social media metrics to find out.

Does your audience react more to photos or videos? Did they like one campaign more than another?

Your engagement and impressions can be a major guide for you depending on your guide for social media content goals.

Find The Right Content

The next thing you must do is find content that is relevant to your brand or your industry. In doing so, you can take a more organized approach to your content curation.

It’s always good to use curated product images on your social media. One of the best ways to find relevant content is by searching through relevant hashtags or social mentions. It is very important to make sure that anything you decide to share is in alignment with your brand voice.

Analyze Your Publish Material

It is very important that you personalize each of your posts with your brand voice. Deciding when to fit your posts into your publishing calendar also requires a bit of strategy. It is a good idea to sprinkle posts in with marketing content to keep an element of variety in your feed.

Once your curated social media content is published and available for the world to see, you need to make sure to analyze its performance to see what is working and what isn’t.

In doing so, you’ll be able to fine-tune your content curation and make the best decisions in the future.

Curating Your Best Content

We hope that you now feel ready to start curating your own content for social media. It’s time to get out there, boost engagements, and build better relationships with the consumers in your industry.

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