Top 3 Small Business Statistics for 2021

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81% of Shoppers Conduct Online Research Prior To Purchasing

While it might not be that much of a surprise, this is a very important statistic to keep in mind. You probably do your own Internet research prior to purchasing a product or service from a business. As time goes on, using the Internet to do consumer research will only become more and more necessary.

The value of having a strong online presence is more relevant than it ever has been

You want to make sure that you have results readily available when consumers search for the products and services your business offers. From your social media profiles to your Google listing, you want to make sure that consumers have all of the information regarding your business whenever they search for it.

74% of Consumers Use Social Media To Make Decision About Purchasing

Almost three-quarters of consumers make use of social media to gain insight into the products and services of brands before they make purchases. Once again, this shows just how invaluable social media is to the customer experience. You want to make sure that all of your social media pages are optimized with the right information.

If not, start updating now! Having a strong social media marketing strategy in play can help you gather more leads.

60% of Consumers Search for Products or Services On Search Engines First

You should never underestimate the sheer power of the search engine. Yes, you want to make sure that you update your website and have all of the necessary information on there to help your customers along the buying journey. However, customers will never reach your website if it isn’t visible via online searches.

A customer that wants to research your business likely won’t begin with your website. You need a strong presence in the search engine realm. With this strong presence, you can provide customers with the information that they want and need most.

Final Thoughts

Implementing statistics into your business strategies can be quite challenging. However, as we know, nothing brings opportunities quite like a challenge. Make sure that you use these statistics to your advantage so that you can ensure the growth and continuation of your business.

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