Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

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Have a Conversation

You’d rather talk with someone who provides you with interesting and valuable information instead of someone who just goes on about how incredible their business is, right?

Your customers feel the same way.

Email marketing campaigns aren’t the right place to brag about the things your business is doing. Instead, you should use this form of marketing to provide your customers with compelling or useful content.

Be conversational and show people your personality. Be friendly, open, and most importantly, aligned with the voice of your brand.

Use The Right Subject Lines

Don’t ever try to trick your readers with deceptive or sales-y subject lines. Eventually, your customers will lose faith in your emails and stop opening them up altogether.

Use clever copy. Here are a few things we recommend implementing:

  • Keep your subject lines short (preferable between 6-10 words)

  • Personalize your subject lines instead of using generic greetings

  • Offer your audience a solution to a problem

  • Create curiosity that opens up a conversation

  • Perform Tests

If you want to improve your email marketing campaigns, you will need to test your various ideas. Pit two versions of your emails against each other to see if there is a particular one that performs better than the other.

In doing so, you’ll gain more insight into the performance of your campaign while you increase engagement. Always make sure to keep track of what’s working so that you can adapt.

Use Client Data To Segment Emails

One of the most valuable assets you have is your email list. Use the

demographic and behavioral information on it to optimize your engagement by segmenting your list and sending out particular content to individual groups.

Not only does this make your email marketing campaign more personalized by sending out particular content to individuals based on their interests, but it also helps improve email marketing altogether.

“74% of marketers attribute targeted personalization as the reason for increased customer engagement,” according to Influencer Marketing Hub.

Optimize Your Thank You Page

To optimize the value of your opt-in process, you make new subscribers more engaging. Here are a few ways in which you can optimize your thank you page:

Personalize your message with a merge field

  • Let them know that you are grateful for them signing up and very excited to share content with them

  • Provide them with a preview of cool content they will receive from you in the future

  • Ask subscribers to whitelist your email address

  • Include social media buttons with links to your various platforms

By using the tips above, you can optimize engagement between you and your customers.

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