Top 5 Facebook Advertising Tips

by | May 26, 2021 | Uncategorized

Take Advantage Of Ad Targeting

Just about any audience can be targeted using Facebook’s ad platform. People on Facebook share a pretty astounding amount of information every day, all of which Facebook compiles as data for ad marketers.

Looking to target men age 40-60 within a 10-mile radius from an auto body shop? You can do it with Facebook. Maybe you want to get mothers of young children to click through your daycare site. That is possible with Facebook too!

Keep A Tab On Qualitative Metrics

If you’re wondering whether a campaign was worth your investment, you have to keep an eye on your qualitative metrics. For example, if you post a video as part of a marketing campaign, keep an eye on video views to calculate your cost per view (CPV). You might also calculate your cost per acquisition (CPA) for each person who goes through with the video offer.

A/B Test Your Assets

There is no better way to understand the effectiveness of your campaign than to test it. It’s always best to compare two options at least, tracking the various details of their performance. See which of your marketing assets is performing better and put your money toward that one.

It might be that your favorite creative asset isn’t the one that is performing best and that’s okay!

Understand Where Visitors Go Once They Click

If your Facebook ads send consumers to your site, it is important that you understand where they are going and what they are doing when they click through. Working with a web analytics person or team can help you track the behavior of people from your ads.

Not only does this help you ensure you are targeting the correct demographic, but it also shows whether or not your content is engaging.

Don’t Ever Force New Ad Strategy Trends

With an ever-evolving social landscape, it is important that you are always adapting to meet the needs of your consumer base. Of course, you must remain authentic throughout that process as well.

While having awareness of trends is crucial, don’t ever try to force a trend if it isn’t a good fit for your brand. Start by determining the value of a trend. If it doesn’t resonate with your consumer base, there is no reason to continue with it.

Final Thoughts

Identifying ways in which you can optimize your Facebook marketing is crucial for increasing ROI. Implement these tips above and we guarantee you will see improvement in your strategy moving forward.

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