Using Social Media Live-streams to Promote Your Business

by | Mar 10, 2021 | Uncategorized

The Solution

There is no doubt that businesses have had to adapt this past year. Brands that once relied heavily on in-person interactions have had to come up with new solutions to drive sales and interest.

Live-streaming was the perfect choice for a solution, as it was a safe and free way to reach customers.

When Live-streaming Works

You can find live-streaming capabilities on a variety of social media marketing platforms. From Instagram to Facebook, there are plenty of unique ways to promote your business to a live audience. You can use a live stream to promote one of your latest products or ask questions to your customers.

Large companies like Hilton and Louis Vuitton have used live-streaming for hotel walkthroughs and fashion shows. People love the interactivity. With marketing, it’s all about giving the people what they love, right?

For you, this might mean planning livestreams weekly that talk people through some new promotions or walking them through your store to see what you have in stock.

The Breakdown

When it comes to the value of live-streaming on social media, there are a few facts and figures that are important to look at if you’re still feeling unsure:

There is a 50% greater engagement rate for videos compared to static photos.

72% of consumers prefer learning about products or services with videos.
As you can see, there is clearly some value here, especially when you compare live-streaming to standard photos on social media.

Moving beyond standard social media posts, 82% of social media users would rather watch a brand live stream than watch a post on their social media page.
The past year showed us just how valuable live-streaming metrics can be. Influencer Marketing Hub says that the online streaming industry has skyrocketed more than 99% since 2019.

Bottom Line

Live-streaming increased because of the need for businesses to interact with their customers as restrictions popped up surrounding the virus. The landscape has now changed forever.

We can no longer consider live-streaming an additional part of the marketing strategy landscape. Now, we must think of it as a primary promotional tool for all kinds of businesses. If you’re looking to drive connections and increase convenience for your customers, you need to introduce live-streaming into your social media strategy.

Staying ahead of opportunities and trends in marketing is so important. In doing so, you’ll put your small business on the map and people will begin to see it as they scroll through social media. Integrate livestreaming and we promise you will not regret it.

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