Top 3 Digital Marketing Misconceptions

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Uncategorized

“I’m Fine Because I’m Active On Social Media”

Many business owners we meet spend an exorbitant amount of time on social media. Either that or they improperly use valuable marketing resources and funds to hire “experts” to market on social media for them.

Social media can be excellent for business branding if used properly. However, at the end of the day, it is not the best tool for generating leads.

Don’t get us wrong here,

Social media is a critical tool for creating a strong presence online. However, more often than not, searchers will look for businesses and brands on social media to get to know their personalities so that they can gain an understanding of the business or achieve some sort of personal connection. Having social media visibility is incredibly important for this reason.

The word from Google is that social media interactions, such as comments, shares, and likes, can increase the prominence of a business on its search engine. While this ranking factor is great for local searches, there are no clear measurements of how important it is to local SEO.

Overall, social media can be a major benefit to your brand or business, though it is only one small cog in the larger digital marketing machine.

“I’m Set Because I Have a Website”

We’ve run into so many businesses that have spent thousands of dollars on a ten-page website, thinking that it’s the best way to invest their money.

While this may have been the industry standard in the past, consumer behavior has changed. People don’t want to search through a ten-page website anymore. They want quick and concise information to help them figure out what they need.

Local search rankings for Google say that business websites only account for around 15% of the ranking pie. Relying on a website alone is a big mistake.

“My Web Guy Is Doing My SEO”

One important thing we often need to differentiate for our clients is the difference between local and organic SEO. While your web guy can help you with organic SEO by optimizing your keywords to help increase your showing potential on Google Maps, local SEO is even more important.

The local SEO algorithm must be accounted for to appear in categorical searches where people are looking for specific services without knowing specific names. This algorithm can be incredibly confusing and a web developer can only do so much.

We hope that these misconceptions gave you a better understanding of digital marketing and why it is so important for professionals to utilize it properly.

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