Must-Have Social Media Tools for 2022

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Wyng normally know as Offerpop, is a marketing platform that focuses on engagement. It utilizes user-generated content, referral programs, hashtag campaigns, contests, quizzes, and so much more. They’ve helped countless brands around the world convert the mobile users of today into social consumers.

Beyond that, they have a beautiful built-in analytics dashboard, which can give you an idea of how your campaigns are performing.


Formally known as Nanigans, a multichannel advertising software, that emphasizes Facebook marketing over anything else. Unique to other types of marketing software, Sprinklr has access to the Facebook Exchange to help with retargeting.

Moving beyond the realm of Facebook marketing, the Sprinklr platform has plenty of features for Instagram and Twitter advertising. Wayfair, Rovio, and Zynga, are all avid users of the Sprinklr platform.


Woobox is very similar to Wyng in that it is a social engagement platform that has an emphasis on interactive content. Many think of Woobox as a turnkey solution for creating Instagram contests or running other types of social media competitions and giveaways.

Woobox helps curate hashtag entries and can select random winners, taking a lot of the brunt work off your back when running giveaways and contests via social media.


Kicksta is a paid social media tool that helps with Instagram growth. It helps users get more organic followers when used in conjunction with an Instagram business account. Kicksta uses your business account to target particular accounts and “like” around 30,000 photos per month. It makes sure to filter out bots or fake accounts to get to real people.

These real people will then follow your business account, in turn spreading brand awareness.

Kicksta is a wonderful tool for just about any industry. They have an incredible customer success team and can help introduce your brand or business to entirely new audiences.


You’ll never be able to earn any money from your fake followers. In reality, too many fake followers just make your engagement look poor. If a brand has a million followers, though they only get a few-hundred likes with each photo they post, it looks really fishy.

HypeAuditor works by weeding out fake Instagram followers to determine a brand’s organic reach. The software can also analyze your audience to determine their gender, age, and location.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking to maximize your social media game, there is no better time than now. Make sure to check out these helpful social media tools to help you with your marketing strategy this year.

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