The Top 10 Social Media Metrics You Need to Track

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The reach is the number of people who have seen content on your profile or page.


Engagement can be everything from likes to clicks to comments to replies. All of these engagement elements take place on your social media posts. Of course, there are engagement elements that are incredibly specific to one platform. On Pinterest, you might watch out for “Pinned” posts, while on Instagram, you might watch out for “Saved” posts.


The number of people on your profile that have clicked the “follow” button is known as your followers. Followers see the content that you post on their feeds regularly.


Video Views

On Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or just about any other social media platform that has video capabilities, your video views are the number of times that people have watched your video.


Impressions is the one that often confuses people. To put it simply, it is the number of times that a post on your page or profile has been seen. It doesn’t matter whether or not your audience or followers have engaged with the post either. Impressions occur when followers are scrolling through a newsfeed without ever clicking on anything.

Profile Visits

Your profile visits are the number of times people have opened your social media page or profile.


Whenever your audience adds the name of your brand or company in a post or hashtags it in a post or comment section, this is a tag.


Mentions are very similar to tags, though it is specific to those who have mentioned your page or profile in their own posts.


Whenever a member of your audience or one of your followers posts a piece of content on their profile that you already posts on your profile, that is known as a repost.


Shares are posts that your audience or followers take from your page and share directly to their own pages or profiles.

Influencing these metrics, improving overall engagement, and increasing your social following, is very similar to generating leads and boosting conversions.

One of the best ways to get the most from your followers is by tagging them in content, responding to comments or inquiries, encouraging them to use special hashtags, liking their posts, or sharing your new content with them.

We hope that you feel more comfortable creating a social media marketing plan for yourself with these metrics in mind.

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