Increase Sales With 5 Powerful Digital Marketing Techniques

by | Dec 9, 2020 | Uncategorized

Create Great Content

To give you site visitors value, you want to create top-notch content. The content that is consumed by your audience should be actionable. All too often companies develop content hoping that will attract thousands of visitors right away.

Make sure to create both short-term and long-term goals for your marketing strategy. When it comes to blogging, research popular topics and consider how you can turn those into thoughtful or insightful blog posts. Create easy-to-consumer infographics with CTAs. Consider guides or E-books with relevant information in them.

Gas Up Your Social Media

Advertising with social media is easier than ever. Let’s say that it is your job to generate leads for a B2B SaaS product. You might want to consider looking at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Once you have chosen your social media platforms, you can test a variety of messages, narrow down personas, and collect the right data. Make sure that your copy is consistent from your website to your social media.

Develop an Email Strategy

Once you have your leads collected, you can develop some automation to keep your business running efficiently. You want to start by mapping out your customer journey so that you can align your email strategy properly.

Make sure to position your email content around your leads’ lifecycle stages. Keep track of what drives engagement in specific lifecycles and test out a variety of copy and subject lines.

Host Webinars

73% of leaders in marketing say webinars are one of the best ways for marketers to generate high-quality leads according to Xant. One could easily generate a thousand leads from a single webinar.

To host a successful webinar, you must find the right topic and research it, decide on your promotional strategies to promote it ahead of time, run ads of social media and search engines, find ways to be interactive during your webinar, and create an on-demand stream to drive engagement.

Take the Approach of Growth Hacking

When we say “growth hacking,” we mean testing everything out during the customer journey to give you insight into what elements trigger leads and convert into sales. Growth hacking can be applied to just about every tactic in digital marketing to increase sales.

Some examples of growth hacking include:

  • Personalizing emails per persona or segment

  • A/B headline or CTA testing

  • Content cluster comparison

Digital marketing goes way beyond spending tons of money. You must be able to take the data you have, learn from it, and implement new strategies that you gain from it.

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