Top 3 Ways eCommerce Brands Can Prepare for Black Friday

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Uncategorized

Get Your Social Media In Order

More and more consumers opt-in to social media to find Black Friday deals every year. To make your Black Friday as active as possible, you must cultivate your social media presence. This means that it is necessary to plan your campaign strategy ahead of time and make sure that you continually post to keep people up-to-date.

Create interest in your products throughout the days or weeks leading up to Thanksgiving. Schedule posts to run throughout the day, creating more interest in your Black Friday deals. You may even consider using popular hashtags to capture consumer traffic.

Communicate With Your Customers

Providing your loyal customers with gifts is one of the best ways to spread holiday cheer. We recommend coming up with a few discounts or surprise deals to thank your customers for being part of your journey.

Some existing customer promotions that we have seen in the past include buy-one-get-one-free deals, present or future purchase offers, and limited time coupons. These types of gifts help your customers to feel rewarded while they continue to shop with you.

Make sure to consider social sharing as well. If they share your brand on social media to their personal networks for a reward, you could end up gathering tons of new customers.

Convert The Bargain Hunters

While most eCommerce stores pass out enticing deals to savvy customers, the best ones get those customers to keep coming back.

One of the best things that you can make sure to do is get your Black Friday customers’ information so that you can send them information and deals on your business in the future. To get them on your email list, you could offer them rewards to opt-in for, including a small discount off a purchase in the future or a coupon that they can use before a certain time.

The key here is to make your first form of communication something unique to your brand. If you sell candles, for example, you might want to send them a list of the best holiday scents. If you are a clothing store, you might want to send your new customer the “top looks for Winter.”

Get creative and be authentic!

There are plenty of ways to capitalize on Black Friday and make it work for your eCommerce store. Make sure to get in touch with us here at Gold Level Marketing if you need help this coming holiday season.

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