Top 3 eCommerce Tips to Boost Your Sales in The Holiday Season

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

1. Back In-Stock Alerts

As demand increases during a portion of the year, products often go out of stock. For customers, an out-of-stock product that they have been eyeing can be incredibly frustrating. One of the biggest marketing frustrations according to 26% of consumers, is when a product is sold out online and there is no information as to whether or not that product will be restocked any time soon.

You have the ability to turn your out-of-stock items into customer interactions that are positive, which could help you recover any potential lost revenue. You can do so by using the browse data from your customers to trigger automatic emails to those who have shown interest in your product, letting them know when it is going to be restocked.

2. Dynamic Content

We recommend using dynamic content throughout the year, as it provides marketers with personalization power for every step of the customer journey. Plus, the manual effort is minimal.

During the peak shopping season, businesses must promote new offers and leverage line inventory. According to a recent article from Fresh Relevance, 41% of shoppers prioritize value as a key driver for making a purchase during the holiday season. One in three shoppers prioritizes online discounts and sales when shopping online.

Companies should use tools such as countdown timers or dynamic pricing to get the most out of peak shopping season.

3. Data Capture

One of the best times to gain new customers is the festive shopping season. Deals and discounts provide shoppers with a first look at your website. Because more and more people are online due to COVID-19, the wave of online shoppers is set to grow this season.

You’ll want to leverage this online behavior by coming up with a strategy to capture data and grow your email list. Of course, before you go and throw a bunch of pop-ups on your site, recognize that they could do more harm.

Rather than pop-ups, we recommend using the popover, otherwise known as the less intrusive brother of the pop-up. To use popovers, you could offer discounts for the very first time they sign up on your website or offer Black Friday discount alerts prior to the holiday.

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