4 Great Examples Of Upselling Online

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Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club recently expanded its offerings. Now, they are looking to draw users into purchasing a box of shaving and grooming products, as well as razors. You can choose to only get blades, though the brand is clever by presenting the most expensive option right off the bat.

Plus, the names of the higher-end razors are far more appealing. Compare ‘The Executive’ — the company’s most expensive razor in the lineup — to the ‘Humble Twin’, the cheapest razor in the lineup.


When you’re at the sandwich store, you may not think about asking for additional ingredients. Deliveroo can increase the chance of customers adding extra ingredients by providing customers with the option to add additional items prior to checking out.

You may want to add some avocado to your sandwich or get a drink to go with it. Essentially, Deliveroo was able to upsell you on a meal you didn’t realize you wanted in the first place.

Pro Flowers

Customers that use florist websites typically shop for others, which makes florist websites quite unique. These shoppers typically want to make the best impression possible. Brands like Pro Flowers utilize upselling in the best way possible, providing customers with four different bouquet sizes to pick from. They select the second-lowest price automatically as well, which increases the chance of upselling immediately.

Pro Flowers also has a variety of cross-sells during the checkout as well, encouraging customers to add more items, such as greeting cards, which can bump up the price.

Look Fantastic

One very effective upselling tactic comes from Look Fantastic. They offer a discount order at a minimum price. Customers can save anywhere from 10% to 15% whenever they spend over $80.

Typically, customers that plan on spending close to this much already are more likely to feel nudged into buying one more item that they may have not considered before.

It is easy to assume that the discount wouldn’t be beneficial for the seller, though, in reality, it increases overall sales for the retail while encouraging customers to take advantage of a great discount.

If you’re looking to implement upselling in your e-commerce business model, make sure to get in touch with us here at Gold Level Marketing. We look forward to hearing from you!

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