Top 5 Facebook Marketing Mistakes

by | Sep 22, 2020 | Uncategorized

Choosing the Wrong Type of Post

If you don’t have basic training, you might be using the wrong type of posts for your brand. For example, photo posts have links sitting in the description, which can greatly reduce the reach of a post, as Facebook penalizes hybrid posts.

Posting in such a way could simply lead to dead-end clicking. Instead, users might try to enlarge the image just to see it rather than clicking directly through to your website.

Targeting the Wrong Crowd

According to Web trends data, when you target your ads to fans, your click-throughs increase by 700%. 

Of course, you need to first focus on building your audience. Once you have increased fan engagement, you help support future conversions. When you finally have those fans, you must target them to get the best results.

It’s quite simple. When an ad that is relevant to you pops up on your screen, you are more likely to interact with it.

You Focus Too Deeply On Likes

Having Likes can be important, as it most likely means that your post has reached a greater audience. However, your main focus should be finding advocates for your brand, not just empty likes.

Advocates are those who will share your post and promote within their own networks for free.

Create content strategically and find the best time of day to post specific content to get more shares. Thursdays and Fridays boast some of the highest engagement rates according to recent studies, meaning there is no point in losing followers due to bad timing.

You Use Too Many Words

Shorter posts (under 250 characters) receive 60% more shares than longer posts. The shorter your posts, the better.

Beyond that, you need to think about how frequently you post. Posting too frequently or not enough can be equally harmful depending on how your audience wants to hear from your brand. Understanding the limits of various platform posts is incredibly important.

You Post Too Many Links

Many companies make the mistake of posting too many links. The mistake of posting with too many links. Many fans want to stay in-channel, meaning they don’t want to have to click through to get to another website every time they see a post from you.

Instead, try to post content that is just for fun or content that is engaging to a Facebook-centric audience. This way, they will be more willing when it is finally time to post a link to have your audience follow through to your website. In the end, you will maximize your returns.

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