Facebook Changes Policy on Business Pages

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Social media and Facebook has revolutionized the way that small businesses market their goods and services.

According to new data from Sprout Social, more than two-thirds (68%) of consumers have already purchased directly from social media and nearly all (98%) consumers plan to make at least one purchase through social shopping or influencer commerce this year

It’s never been a better time to set up a Facebook business page these days. From utilizing Facebook ads to communicating directly with your customer base, Facebook offers businesses a simple and effective way to elevate their business practices and improve their profits.

But what about the new policy changes to Facebook’s business verification, and how does it affect you?

If your business is utilizing a Facebook Business Page that’s located under the ‘Local Business,’ or ‘Company’ category, you will now need to verify your business’s location and identity with Facebook. In a change of policy, and an effort to crackdown on bot accounts, Facebook is tightening up its business page requirements.

There are currently two different types of Facebook Page verification, and a gray or blue badge differentiates them. The infamous “blue tick” is a verification badge that is only available to media organizations, eligible brands, and public figures. Facebook ultimately have the final say on who they deem worthy of the “blue tick.” In contrast, the gray tick is available for any business who is able to prove their authenticity.

In order to verify your Facebook account, you must go to the “settings” page on your business Facebook account and locate the “Security center.” Next, locate the verification section and click the “Start Verification” option. Once you click on the verification link, you have the opportunity to add your business phone number. Facebook will then call you to verify that it is your number. When you answer the phone, be sure to have a pen ready, as an automated message will give you a special 4-digit code that you will enter into the box titled ‘Verification Code.’

You will also be required to provide evidence of your business address. Facebook currently only accepts official documents showing your business’s name and address as evidence, such as a business utility or phone bill, a business license, a copy of your business tax file, a certificate of formation, or articles of incorporation. Once you provide Facebook with one of these documents, Facebook will review its authenticity and assign your business a verification status.

If you’re a business that utilizes a Facebook business page, you must verify your page. Having your page verified lends credence to your company and assures customers that you are a safe entity to do business with.

According to Facebook, it typically takes them five business days to verify your business’s authenticity; however, in many cases, it is often sooner. It is important to note that verification is not guaranteed to be approved within five days; however, you will receive the result of your submission within that time. If Facebook requires more evidence, they will reach out to you to request it.

Don’t get caught out by Facebook’s new business page policy — ensure that your business page is verified and trustworthy.

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