Social media has now become one of the most integral and crucial parts of digital marketing within the past 10+ years. We have now seen companies change their marketing.


Marketing campaigns that were heavily focused on traditional and printing marketing, are now switching to all digital marketing. The need for more digital marketing through promoting a company’s brand has become the newest wave within many industries. From cracking down on SEO in digital marketing, to driving customers to your website through Google, to bringing brand awareness through such platforms as; Facebook, Instagram and even Twitter. The smartest and wisest way to bring more customers to your business is to adapt to digital marketing and to conform with the times. We use Instagram to target specific audiences to help your business grow (even without paid advertisement).


Most marketing agencies and companies use specific programs to help with social media followers, however we have specific programs that will help you with not only growth on Instagram, but also with targeted audiences. We have a network of social media accounts that can share your content. One of our tools is also used through our website called Through this website and through‘s Instagram, we are able to reach a broader audience to assist you in expanding your potential cliental. With our Instagram tools, we are able to fit your needs as a company within your industry with specific niche. With your campaign, we are able to search specific areas and demographics or ages to pin-point each location.



– GPS Targeting

– Demographics

– Age Groups

– Behaviors

– Interests

– Zip Codes, Cities, States

– Hashtags

– Tags

– Keywords


We can also use our tools to drive already existing customers and potential customers to your specific keywords on Instagram. The hashtags that work with key phrases for your company can be used with our custom tools. Such keywords as; #Brunch or #Dinner or even #MotivationMonday within our specific area and even target your competition’s key phrases so you can bring more and more attention to your company in the same industry.




We can even search for specific surrounding areas around the zip codes that can help you with your followers and likes. The engagement that will be available to your profile and business will grow exponentially after we assist you with our tools. Gold Level Media specializes in meeting our clients’ needs!

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