Questions about Websites

How long does it take to build a website?

All our websites are created in 10-14 Days. Once sites are done we will give the client a complimentary 7 days Website maintenance.

What do your services cost?

Website pricing starts at $1,500. Our prices reflect our product, and you will not only get an SEO ready website, but also a website with top notch conversion rates and with the ability to rank easily on Google and other search engines.

What platform is my website built on?

We here at Gold Level Marketing use one of the top platforms in WordPress, which will make it easier to optimize your site to the best of its capabilities.

What server do you recommend me using for my website?

We recommend using HostTheNerd.com as a server because Host The Nerd will help you with premium server access as you proceed with your website.

When will I have admin access to my website?

After the 10-14 day buildout process that Gold Level Marketing promises, you will then have full admin access to your website. Once you are given admin access to your own website, we give our customers a 7 day website maintenance period to fix any updates that you may want for your site (Click here at: send-us-the-updates).

Lead Generation ads

What is the lowest budget you take for lead gen ads?

Before we take on clients we require a minimum for $2,000 Facebook ad spent and $5,000 PPC budget

Do you guys have contracts for running ads?

No, we do not have contracts. The best part of Gold Level Media is we do month by month. You can cancel any time if you think you are getting to many leads to handle.

Where can you send my leads to?

We are experts in Lead Generation Ads and we know how important it is to send the leads to your CRM right away. We use custom APIs to connect our lead forms to your CRMS

Additional Questions

Are you associated with Next Level SMS?

Next Level SMS is a texting messaging service that will help you market your business through text blasts as well as on other digital devices (Go to: NextLevelSMS.com).

Will having a new logo help me with branding?

Our logos are of premium quality, we will send you the PNG and the JPEG files when we are done with your order. We will not only design the color scheme for you as well, but we will also design the image needed to help you with your business and in the industry you are in.

What kinds of businesses and companies have you worked with?

We have worked with customers in the following industries; Real Estate, Hospitality, Nightlife, Automotive, and in Gym, Health & Fitness.

Can I make payments?

Unfortunately, all payments are due upfront. We also do not do refunds. Before you order, or consider ordering, please look at our sample work.

How can I pay?

If it requires an invoice, Gold Level will send an invoice to your email to pay. We also accept the following form of payments: Debit/Credit Cards, AMEX.

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