Why you should double down on marketing during the corona

Apr 29, 2020 | Digital Marketing, Marketing

The impact created by the Coronavirus is huge, but how you handle it will determine whether your business survives or not. One of the best ways of making sure you survive is coming up with new ways to reduce how you engage your consumers by lowering your marketing strategies. This…

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The impact created by the Coronavirus is huge, but how you handle it will determine whether your business survives or not. One of the best ways of making sure you survive is coming up with new ways to reduce how you engage your consumers by lowering your marketing strategies. This will show that you’re more concerned about your employees and customers more than you care about making profits. Before you double down on your marketing, you need to monitor how your business has been affected and the current trends in your industry. Marketing during the corona can be greatly beneficial for you and your company.   The coronavirus pandemic has had different effects on different industries. For instance, the entertainment industry has had a great decline. Nightclubs, theaters, and bars have been shut down with people turning to cable TV and the internet as the source of entertainment. The hospitality industry has also taken a huge hit with most restaurants, resorts, and hotels shutting down. With the curfew policies put in place with many governments, people don’t need hospitality services, which means that implementing marketing strategies in these industries is a waste of time. The home service industry has also been affected by the lock downs and curfews because the service providers aren’t available when you need them.

Changing behavior

Unlike before, when people used ads from various companies to decide whether to buy those products or not, now people go online to look for information. There’s a high chance that your business already has loyal customers who will still purchase your products when the pandemic is over. However, you still need to make sure that you give them something to hold on to by giving them what they need most now, which is content. You should invest in content creation rather than an advert creation. Make your information informative and relevant to keep engaging people, and you could even end up getting some new clients. People need to feel that you care about them, especially during this coronavirus mayhem. The best way to that is by providing useful content. You can make the content entertaining to make it more memorable. The better the content, the more they will trust you.

Reduced customer base

The behavior of your consumers has changed tremendously, and that’s another reason why coming up with marketing strategies for your business isn’t a good idea currently. Tough economic times have resulted in people being selective about the products they spend money on. Most people buy food items and cleaning products more than any other product currently. This change of interest means that putting more effort into marketing your products will not yield any profits. Even if your products are in the essential goods category, you need to improve your service delivery procedures instead of your marketing. The purchase trends have also changed with the essential products like Tissue papers going out of stock. Therefore this means that you are focusing more on your return policies, and purchase limits are more important than focusing on marketing.

Tighter budget

The economy has hit businesses the same way it has affected individuals. Most businesses are barely surviving, and a lot of others have already shut down. You need to be careful about your expenditure and try to save as much as possible. If marketing business cannot generate the good returns you expect, then it’s not worth trying. It’s, therefore, a good idea to use your marketing budget on creating content that provides solutions and shows empathy to get you the trust you need from the people. Remember to leave out the call to action sections in your content.

How to make the most out of the situation

Now that you know why you should double down on marketing and focus more on content development during the Coronavirus period, you also need to know what you can do to survive the period. You should start planning for when the pandemic ends. Chances are, your customers will not be the same post- COVID-19, therefore you may need different marketing strategies. It’s time to start planning on the right content for that period. You still need to be very creative to come up with a program that will work effectively.   It’s also important that you keep monitoring your customers’ behavior. You can use various tracking tools to keep tabs on the behaviors of your customers so that you can come up with ideas that they will relate to easily. You need to understand that the public’s interests keep changing and will continue to do so even after the virus ends. By keeping tabs on those changes, you’ll be increasing chances of the survival of your business. If you have a small business and finding it hard to keep up with operational costs, then you can take a loan to keep you going for a short period. Most governments have given out funds to support small business owners by helping them cover some of their operations costs, pay off some debts, and covers payroll.   Improving your products and services during this time can also help you survive during this period. The current situation has slowed things down, which means you have a lot of time on your hands. Use that time to come up with ways of improving the quality of your products or services. Focus on ensuring more efficiency and effectiveness so that you can come out stronger when the pandemic finally ends. Try to keep your operations going if you can by letting your employees work from home whenever possible. Just draw up an agreement that will ensure your employees maintain efficiency and productivity even though they won’t be coming to the office. Assess the functions that have to be done and make sure you only delegate the ones that can’t be done from the business premises.


Even though the COVID-19 virus has caused a lot of devastation across the world, at some point, it will be over, and things will start to go back to normal. You have to remember to be patient because it may take a while for normalcy to return. As you wait for that time to come, keep communication channels with your customers open by making the right content accessible to them. Be available online to answer their questions and keep working on your future marketing ideas.



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