Top 3 Modern Digital Marketing Campaigns

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Uncategorized

Dollar Shave Club

Think about the last time that you had to leave the house to purchase a razor.

Thanks to Dollar Shave Club’s niche concept of monthly, low-cost razor delivery, that problem doesn’t exist anymore. Fans immediately connected with Dollar Shave Club after they went viral with some witty video marketing.

The brand’s launch video, went deep into the mundane culture surrounding modern shaving tech. Once they saw the success, they kept it going with even more distinctive, entertaining video content.

In the end, the original video was viewed over 26 million times, DSC reeled in over one million subscribers, and Unilever bought them for $1 billion.

Nike – Dream Crazier

The “Dream Crazier” video aired for the first time during the 2019 Academy Awards. Just one day later, the video had over 28 million Twitter views, and the #JustDoIt hashtag increased in use by over 2260%!

So what was the secret sauce?

“Dream Crazier” showed the greatest triumphs and most controversial moments of women athletes. While the images they displayed were enough to inspire, they paired the visuals with the message of double standards that have plagued female athletes for so many years. The takeaway for many people was to turn sexist criticism into drive and ambition, whether it was related to sports or not.

The CTA at the end reads “Dream Crazier”, which is far more powerful than “Get Some Nike Shoes.”

The reason this campaign was so incredible was that it connected regular consumers to athletes by informing them of a struggle all women face; one that unites all women. it also helped to portray Nike as a company that cared about bigger problems than selling sportswear.

Mastercard – Sound of Priceless

The Cub’s 2016 World Series win was one of the biggest happenings of that year, especially for Cubs fans who had stuck by the team for even decades. Mastercard knew that this opportunity would help them connect with people on a more personal level.

Mastercard made use of a sound meter to measure the volume of cheering at Wrigley Field after a rival player claimed that “Wrigley wasn’t that loud” due to the lack of passion. When the legendary victory took place, Mastercard knew that it had something viral.

The video featured a celebration of the fans and proof that the people of Chicago love their baseball team. This allowed Mastercard to associate its slogan, “The Sound of Priceless”, with the long-awaited victory.

Overall, the campaign identified an opportunity, in this case, a buzz-worthy event, to share understanding with cardholders.

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